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8 Channel SMS Gateway

8 Channel SMS Gateway

9/3/2021 by Mostafa

Project description

This device should send and receive bulk SMS via 8 GSM modem modules. The core of the device is a Raspberry Pi board which connected to a 128GB HDD, LCD, touch screen, and STM32 microcontroller as a UART splitter. The Raspberry Pi includes a MySQL database to store received SMS and transition quee. The user can check the operation of the device from the embedded LCD or via the HTML web dashboard.

The sim-card slots are in front of the device and the status of each GSM modem is shown on the LCD.

Raspberry Pi applications architecture

Several applications are in the RaspberryPi

  • MySQL serves as the database. 
  • Oracle Glassfish web server, serves the web application which written in Java
  • Desktop java application works as the UI interface and GSM modem management